After a couple dozen hours spent defending Fortnite’s charming, cartoony world from its swirling, monster-filled purple storms, it’s easy to draw comparisons between the chaos of those storms and Epic’s action-focused, base-building, horde-survival game. Its genuinely fun spurts of action and smart systems swirl around with its convoluted , drip-feed progression systems in the same soupy catch-all cloud. Fortnite feels like an effort to do a little bit of everything, and keep you doing it for a long, long time, and only partially succeeds.

While still in early access, Fortnite is in an admirable and constant state of construction, with new modes and content updates. Its newest addition, the PVP-focused Battle Royale mode, is the slimmest portion of the overall package. Its an unabashed adoption of the insanely popular 100-player free-for-all on an ever shrinking map structure, tweaked with Fortnite’s brand of base building and resource harvesting that adds a new twist on the formula. Though the first frantic minutes of each map are all about scavenging for weapons as quickly as possible, afterwards, the ability to construct stairs to reach elevated caches of items, or build some quick cover when you’re stuck in the open is unique and refreshing.